To retire, you must have contributed enough quarters. Without them, you will not be able to claim a full pension, despite leaving at the legal age. However, it is common for quarters to be missing when the end of your working life comes to an end. In the event of errors in your trimesters, what recourse do you have? Can you recover forgotten trimesters?

It is essential to calculate your quarters as soon as possible in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. Indeed, more than one French person in 7 discovers, at the time of retirement, that quarters have been forgotten on their career statement. Unfortunate disappointments which are not without consequence on the total amount of their retirement. To remedy this situation, we advise you, from the age of 55, to take stock of the rights you have acquired for your retirement. Do not hesitate to consult your career statement as soon as possible to check that your contribution quarters have been taken into account.

In case of errors, it is possible to recover forgotten quarters and make a correction. However, this must be done before the age of 55. In this perspective, you must justify, as quickly as possible, periods of professional activity, unemployment, illness or parental leave to have these quarters counted. It is essential to send a letter to your pension fund as soon as possible, listing the errors in your career statement. Do not forget to provide the payslips corresponding to the quarters not counted.