Preview of today’s shows at the Montreal International Jazz Festival.

At 83, Herbie Hancock is one of the living musicians of any category whose imprint on the world of music is the most indelible and sprawling. His 1973 album, Head Hunters, not only scaffolded some of the edifices of jazz-funk and jazz fusion, but also provided hip-hop with inexhaustible raw material. We expect on this Monday evening a tribute to his former partner in the second great quintet of Miles Davis, Wayne Shorter, who left to join the sky jazz club last March.

In the discovery department, the emerging artist and African-American double bassist from Detroit is highly recommended if you are looking for a free jazz plan in an inviting place conducive to jazz rantings of all kinds. The young woman took advantage of the precious mentorship of the illustrious Ron Carter and in her wake, she responded to invitations from Diana Ross, Wynton Marsalis, Solange and Jon Baptiste, who invited her to play in the house band of the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. For the occasion, she presents the pieces of Feel Good Music, her first album of original compositions.