Geraardsbergen –

to Thomas Cooijman, the 42-year-old Dutchman, who is accused of the murder of his 38-year-old girlfriend in the year 2015 in Geraardsbergen and is from the attempt to murder of her parents, his girlfriend, has stalled, even as his daughter to him, pleading them to stop. That turned out to be the Monday before the belgian assize court. “My mom is dead my dad with a meat cleaver. I was told to stop, but he did not stop,” said the 4-year-old child in a week or so after the fact.

The facts, this happened on the 10th of June 2015 in the house of the woman in the Volderstraat in Geraardsbergen. According to the defendants, telling them that they have for a while had a relationship with another man, and took his stop. The woman walked up the thirty or so of cuts and stabs in with a knife and a meat cleaver, and died from her injuries.

a neighbor of the victim, was going on and heard and came to see it, but she was also attacked and stabbed by the accused. She was in danger of death at the hospital, but survived the attack. Cooijman must, therefore, also be charged with attempted murder in the inland empire.

“I saw it”:

on Monday, the audio-visual examination of the 4-year-old daughter was played in court from the council. “I’ve seen everything,” said the little girl. “My mom is dead my dad with a meat cleaver. (…) My father has been ill. (…) I was told to stop, but he didn’t stop. There was blood all over the place. (…) My brother is also a stop, it said. My mum and dad had come to an end, but he didn’t want to stop. He hasn’t been listening. I wanted to be with my mom and then to improve, but I could not improve it.” According to the officer, that the hearing is declined, the child was very affected by the events.

From the testimony of the law doctor found that the victim died off after the lungs were affected. The woman had four fractures to the skull, and three steekletsels in the lung, several fractures of the ribs, and two stab wounds to the heart, and a tear of the diaphragm 12 is cut off, and kapverwondingen at the height of the head, and dozens of afweerletsels. The fracture of the skull was at the back of the head, and the woman with her back turned to the accused it should have been.

The neighbor was also different kapverwondingen and afweerletsels, especially to the poor and needy. The injuries were not fatal, said the doctor, Werner Jacobs. “Was mrs. in the middle of a field with no medical aid is found to have a good time, she may be after more than ten minutes to lose consciousness due to blood loss, and she would have eventually died, but that wasn’t the case at all.” The woman has been a part of unt, and have always been impressed by the events.

on Tuesday, as the judge of the word.