Inspiration for home theater – these are our tips for streaming a family says goodbye to the grandmother, a man with trisomy 21 breaks, and a Mongolian policeman on fits on a body.Filmredaktion1 Kommentar1Die granddaughter, the grandmother joins the morning sports: “The Farewell”.Image: zvgThe Farewell

Billie (Awkwafina) has grown up in the U.S., but she has regular contact with her grandmother, who lives in the old country of China. As this Grand mother developed a fatal lung cancer, it is the of the Relatives concealed and you should enjoy your remaining days of carefree. A asked wedding offers the clan a Chance to take from the matriarch good-bye. Billie, however, has difficulties with the whole con. Funny and moving, but never tacky. Not least, it is also a confrontation with cultural Differences. (ggs)

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Peanut Butter Falcon

Zak (Zack God has to say) trisomy 21, and was held in custody for lack of an Alternative in a retirement home. He would like to visit the battle school, his favorite wrestler. One day, manages to escape him, and he finds a travel companion in Tyler (Shia LaBeouf). A Nurse (Dakota Johnson) to bring Zak back to the old-age home. Acting newcomer Zack is a God, a discovery that LaBeouf and Johnson is not to say beat but also bad. Inspired by “Huckleberry Finn”, lives of the Film of the landscapes and the music of the southern States. Because economic misery-meets-fairy-tale-like. (ggs)

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In the Mongolian Steppe there’s a dead body. That sucks the chief of police, came to push before Retirement in a quiet ball. But the studies are there, therefore, he is the Youngest of his force to guard the body in the cold night. Fortunately, a very independent shepherdess, who comes to the Inexperienced to help is still in the area. The steppe landscape, in the first hour of the film plays, at first seems monotonous, but in your great light is the most unusual police and love story of the season. The sequel to new locations, is later little sought – but it can’t detract from the excellent overall impression. (ml)

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