Total –

In the Noordstraat in Total, it was Monday morning, a man is found with a broken hoofdwonde. He was seriously injured and transferred to hospital, but it is no longer in danger of death. Why is the man in the window is dropped, it is still not completely understood.

as of The first day of the autumn half-term holidays, there was one with a lot of excitement in the heart of the Total. At about 5 pm, and saw a bakkersvrouw of a man lying in a parking lot for an apartment building in the Noordstraat.

“It’s right in front of our bakery,” says the woman. “That’s when I saw the man lying down, and I went immediately to look. He was bleeding heavily and had a broken hoofdwonde over his eyes. It didn’t work out well. We are notified immediately and the emergency services.”

The ambulance and police were quickly on the scene. “The victim was still conscious, for it was then that the ambulanciers wanted to take the man for a scene,” said Angelo Herrebauts. The man lives on the ground floor of the apartment building where the injured person was found.

“Sunday night I heard my upstairs neighbour, who is on the second floor, living, lot of fun. He was in the company of a friend. Both of them were clearly drunk.”

Broken toilet bowl.

“throughout the night, the duo made a pack of all the noise. They were constantly animated with the talking and the shouting. I have also heard frequently the sound of furniture that will be moved. I have no idea what to do, they all the time were doing. If they argued? I don’t think so.”

finally, you can Palace a few hours later, and the story pick up with his upstairs neighbour. “Water was coming out of my ceiling and dripped. When I came, I saw that the door was open. I went in and saw that the apartment was under water. This is logical, because the toilet was broken. My neighbour and myself sat unconscious in his seat. Through the open window, I heard the person groan in pain. Not long after, arrived on the scene and the emergency services.”

As a result of the incident, it was in the Noordstraat in a period of time to close. About what happened that night has happened, there is preliminary a lot of confusion.

The labkwam on-the-spot, and there is an investigation. The public prosecutor’s office of East Flanders, is at the moment very short on information: “We can only say that the man is not badly injured it is.”