In Greece, in Spain or in the provinces… As the summer holidays approach, the French men and women have a lot of choices to plan their holidays and give themselves a much-deserved respite. With the health restrictions behind them, they are able to consider a trip abroad – why not even outside the borders of Europe? -, provided that they are vigilant in terms of health. Admittedly, the government has not reintroduced the pass system. However, the strong epidemic recovery requires some caution…

For the most part, indicates Europe 1 on its site, a majority of holidaymakers have decided to go to the sea and are considering an international stay. For the majority – approximately 7 out of 10 tourists – it is a question of a trip to Europe, to relatively classic destinations. Many, therefore, will be those who should choose a hotel as a holiday resort… and who could therefore leave with some of the objects made available in their room. But do they even have the right?

In practice, explains the specialized blog on its site, it is authorized to leave with certain objects, at the end of a stay at the hotel. Among them are the following items:

Leaving the hotel in possession of another object provided by the hoteliers does not generally expose much: the main defense of the establishment is to call a lawyer, which is only worth it if the harm caused by the theft is significant enough. Moreover, it is also possible to assert the bank pre-authorization corresponding to the value of the mini-bar.

coffee makers

In theory, recalls on its site, everything can potentially be stolen from a hotel room. In practice, however, some objects disappear more than others. This is particularly the case with coffee makers, which are easy to store in a suitcase.

The cushions

Like coffee makers, cushions are among the items that regularly disappear in hotels.


Very often, hotels have to replace the cutlery offered in the rooms. They are among the regularly stolen objects.


Who has never left with a pencil after a stay in a hotel? These small items are among the most often stolen items on vacation.


Did you enjoy sleeping in your hotel bed? You would then not be the first to leave with all or part of the bedding…

The iron

Very often, irons disappear when they are offered by hotels… They are hardly complex to transport.


Lamps are also among the objects regularly stolen by French women and men, notes


More surprising, perhaps: some thieves decide to leave… with the mattress. The object indeed appears in the top 20 of the most often stolen goods, indicates the specialized blog on its site.

Pieces of art

This is one of the most expensive thefts for hotels. It sometimes happens that certain establishments dress their walls with paintings or decorate the offices with various works of art. These are occasionally stolen and the damage caused can then be significant.


Some hotels make computers available to their customers. And some customers simply do not hesitate… to take them home. That’s a problem: it’s theft.


To operate all or part of their electronic devices, hotels rely on energy batteries. Which can also attract the attention of customers… who regularly leave with them.

cosmetic products

Very often, the cosmetic products made available to customers by hotels are missing at the end of a stay. Not always because they have been used…


Like cosmetics, it is not uncommon to see toiletries missing after a hotel stay. It does not matter: they are among the objects with which it is possible to leave, except when they are explicitly hung on the wall.

Hair dryers

Among the toiletries that it is not allowed to take are hair dryers. This does not prevent hotel guests from stealing them regularly…


Like sheets, towels are among the linens that French people like to keep after a hotel stay.

The remote controls

Remote controls are regularly stolen after a hotel stay.

The phones

Several electronic devices, such as telephones, are collected by hotel guests after a stay.


Some of the most daring thieves leave with the television made available by the establishment, at the end of their stopover at the hotel.

The dishes

Plates, cups, glasses, teapots… It’s not just cutlery that makes people happy! Very often. The French women and men also leave with the rest of the dishes…