A Us woman has been confident that the spirit of the deceased grandmother of her friend, it still hops around the place where she was killed. Grandma, time to Die (90) died last march in a woningbrand. Since then, there “enormous energy” in the house in which Lacey Turner (35) is still with her boyfriend and the grandson of a Die – live. Turner gave not much attention was drawn to that energy until they are being chased by a “creepy shadow”.

Turner wanted the plants to a warm, augustusnacht it is necessary to moisture, air, and her boyfriend Joe had been in the room. As the American institution it was filmed by the security cameras around the house, it occurred to him, Joe suddenly wakes up by a strange sound. As soon as the display is looked at to see where his friend was, he was suddenly freaked out.

According to Turner, it has everything to do with the blazing fire, that is, on march 15, 2019 at the latest, in the house, period. Joe and his father Bob, whose house it was, and the victory, were able to escape. June – who was in a wheelchair and her dog were able to the output in time and were killed by the smoke.

the Cold chill

“and Joe tried to go in to rescue them,” said Turner. “But, grandma, time to Die, it wasn’t in her bed. I pleaded with Joe to get her not to go.” The young man that was his father’s death, but his grandmother was too late. Father, Bob, was a good day, but was killed in the fierce fire.

“It’s the house and the land around it, the rays since the fire is intense, a lot of energy,” said Turner. “We need to let them bless you.” However, she admits that she that night, “nothing special” feeling, but that is because they have become accustomed to with the energy. “However, when the images are viewed, the hair on my arms straight. I just got a cold chill!”

Turner was convinced that a shadow is the ghost of grandma June’s. She also promises that she will not be the night for her plants is going to take care of.

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