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An archaeological excavation in the municipality of la rioja of Grañón, on the occasion of a few works of a stretch of highway A-12, has brought to light some 35 graves of a total of 90 that are part of a necropolis, which may date to between the end of late Antiquity and the early phases of the Middle Ages.

So what has been stated to Efe Luis Alberto Villanueva, the director of this excavation, that have visited this Wednesday the president of the Executive of The Rioja, Concha Andreu, and the delegate of the Government in La Rioja, Mary Marrodán.

Villanueva has indicated that the location of these graves “is no surprise”, since, prior to the excavation, in 2013, we carried out “a campaign of polls”, so that you know the location of these remains from that year.

The excavation of these tombs in pit, belonging to both adults as well as children of different ages, is “pretty advanced” because “all of the previous work documenting the covers of the tombs are already made,” he explained.

Has stressed that the intention is to dig in around 90 tombs that are in this space, located 400 metres from the town of Grañón, “it seems that they correspond to two moments in time series in a row.”

“we do Not see the reuse of the tombs, that is to say, the tombs have been used a single time, and there are some grave multiple, with over a buried, as well as tombs with header anthropomorphic”, has detailed.

he has Also stated that “all the tombs are excavated in the geological base” correspond to “christian burials oriented east-to-west” and the position of the bodies is face-up.

once you dig in the almost hundred graves found, that it is anticipated it could take about two weeks, we will complete the documentation, photography, surveying, photogrammetry and arise the buried “to make an anthropological study”, has pointed out.

Villanueva has had the effect that the inhuman and materials found associated with the same will be transferred to the cabinet of the company Antequem, archaeology and environment”, that works from a month ago in this excavation, upon completion of the environmental impact study and drafting of the project.

The work “will be completed with the collaboration with the Anthropology department of a university”, yet to be determined, he said.

The mayor of Grañón, José Ignacio Castro, who has also visited this Wednesday the excavation, has explained to Efe that about four years ago he found eight graves in this section and that the discovery of the site is attracting many people to this village, situated on the Camino de Santiago and about 54 km from Logroño.

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