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the works of The Bernabeu going into overdrive , while the team plays and trains at the Di Stéfano. The break caused by the coronavirus was assumed that the jobs will be consolidated from 1 march, with the challenge of injecting pace to the works because the pandemic prompted the temporary closure of the competition until today , when the team is ready to play the League in Valdebebas.

In that frame of mind, the white club is raised to deepen the work up to the month of August, with the purpose of having prepared the field with turf, and for public that month if the League started in the second half of August.

The problem of the Covid-19 meant the Champions also out late and now it may happen that the Actual Madrid can play the European Cup in their stadium in August if you get the feat of winning by two goals to City in Manchester and qualifies to the quarter finals, provided that the UEFA keep the traditional format of league matches at home and away. That decision will be made next week.

The stadium will be finished in September of 2022. In October of this year we will see the visor and a retractable roof-mounted, which open and close in fifteen minutes

visor stadium will be placed at the end of September. we will see how to place the retractable roof that opens and closes in twenty minutes, to avoid the rain inside of the colosseum and the cold. On the side this is currently being piloted that will be the pillar north-east support the new roof, which is supported by four new elements: two towers evacuation new in Paseo de la Castellana and two new pillars installed in the hollow that occupied the ancient towers north and south of the eastern side.

It has made a major investment.

The stadium will cost 525 million euros, which is paid with the payment of 30 million a year.

The work of the stadium is now the project that is in the dome madrid. Will be finished in October of 2022, just when Mbappé could be at Real Madrid. Now, the matches will be played behind closed doors in the Alfredo Di Stéfano. The change of the image of the Bernabéu will be radical. The important investment you have made, the leaders will allow them to have one of the stadiums, the most luxurious and modern in the world, with a multitude of services and that will generate a profit close to € 150 million per season.

The works in the main structure of the stadium began once he finished the stage more restrictive confinement, taking advantage of the break and sports of all business activity in it, with the intention of gaining time before the return of the League. However, the absence of public during the coming months, has enabled the move of the first team at Valdebebas, so that will go a little more than expected during this summer. is at the moment, as you can see significant changes. The deck of the funds and of the side of the Castellana, has been withdrawn in the last few weeks almost in its entirety. This is the step prior to the installation of the marker 360 and the retractable cover, that will be two of the most representative characteristics of the new Bernabeu. Like that’s going to happen with the roof, the lawn will also be retractable. The objective of the overall real madrid is that the stadium will become a multi-purpose and can be held events of various kinds, such as concerts or practices of other sports without that grass is harmed.

In these moments and taking advantage of the break from competitive sports is trying to recover the time lost by the halt as decreed by the Government of Spain through the state of alarm. The work underway at a very good pace, smoothly notable and performances different to a greater or lesser extent going forward. Among the highlights we continue with the disassembly of the cover of the stadium. In the north end have been achieved by removing the entire metal structure and is removing sector-by-sector the tonneau cover. It also progresses at a good pace in the north end and is beginning to undertake the northwest area of the cover.