“he Was in the army, binnengeraakt, nothing would have happened. It was the biggest disappointment of his life.” That’s the message that sounded, on the second day of the assisenproces in the Mountains surrounding the dead city mayor Alfred Gadenne (71), a defendant Nathan and Duponcheel (20). It’s not just coming from the mouth of his mother, but also from that of a psychologist. Tuesday came, the widow and the sister of the victim, have to say.

It was a team of experts – two psychiatrists and a psychologist – that’s the word, took, Tuesday, in the process, the lord mayor, who, in september of 2017, was killed. They will focus particularly on the role of the suicide of Nathan’s father at the end of 2015. It was the boy that his father had been. According to the experts, has developed as a result of this nightmare. The family continued to reside at the place where his father’s life, stepped in, raised his emotions.

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What’s to add more fuel to the fire, it was that he was unsuccessful in love, he was rejected, and his dream which is to join the army. “When he was in the army and was captured, it would be it didn’t work out so, may be,” said dr. Morel.

That message was also released to his mother later in the day. “It’s a tragedy. He has regrets, and for the rest of your life, live with it. When he was in the army, I guess, nothing could have been done. It was a dream come true. And the biggest disappointment of his life.”

in addition, she says that her other two children to a psychologist, went on after the suicide of their father, but Nathan didn’t want to. “It’s always hard to know what he is thinking and feeling. Nathan was a lonely job.”

Widow: “I had a feeling about this”).

the widow of the lord mayor, made excuses to do nothing. “You’ve got a murder to commit. Isn’t That Right, Nathan?”, she spoke to him. The woman explained to me that they have a feeling about this when he was at home in the county. “He told me that he was in the gate of the cemetery was closing. I had a sinking feeling that something was going to happen.”

According to the sister of the victim, is all about the death of Nathan’s father, who was fired as an administrative clerk at the church, and that of his family, the mayor’s responsibility and nothing else. She described the process as seen from the rouwplechtigheid of Nathan’s father, Olivier. “His mother was saying to me that it was because of my brother, it was that Olivier was dead. Alfred told me that at the end of the same had to be said. He wanted to be with my brother, and even hand-shaking.”

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The present mayor, city of Asia, came Tuesday to be the word. Brigitte Aubert was the last one that, to him, was still alive and had been seen before. “I was able to spend the whole evening talking to him, we know each other very well. He was a friend of his. And it’s as good as done would never be too hasty a view. Follow him, it was hard.”
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