Every car brand has a core standing model. For Renault, this is from the past, the R4 and in the presence of the Clio. Now, the French will show the first images of the fifth Generation, the 5. March at the exhibition in Geneva, officially and in the summer introduced introduced.

Holger Appel

editor in the business, responsible for the “technology and Motor”.

F. A. Z.

The French of the new edition call a “dynamic Evolution” of Europe’s best-selling small car. 15 million units in the since 1990, initiated by the gallery of ancestors.

the Outside is the compact-designed new construction, probably in a moment akin to their predecessors, the interiors of the Clio: a leap into a more modern world. The Ads are digital, gear knob nice and crisp, and the room yield also acts successful. In the case of compartment a few litres more than before. What is likely to spoil the pleasure at the Loaded edge is the high load, but that will elicit this editorial on the occasion of the first intensive contact.


Renault will send the Clio three-cylinder petrol engines, the bandwidth will range from turbo free 65 HP up to the joyful 130 HP. The Diesel is still under discussion, he makes in the Segment, only 5 percent of the sales. In home country France, of course, there will be a dieselnde offer. For the price, Renault says nothing usable, he will be able to, given the competitive pressures it is unlikely to significantly from the present remove.