Private radar cars: where do they flash the most?


Watch out for speeding. Wanting to go too fast, it could well be that road users receive a ticket in their mailbox… Even though they have not crossed a fixed speed camera! What caught them? These are private radar cars, this new device active since 2018, invisible and discreet, goes unnoticed on the road.

It flashes motorists with an outsized look. In total, according to the figures from the Road Safety report reported by the site, 150 radar cars traveled through France in 2021. Eventually, 400 cars will be deployed throughout the country. For the moment, the deployment is being done gradually, by department.

Last year, 20 more were added to the list. This led to controlling more than 6,500,000 vehicles and 500,000 fines.

The system is perfectly efficient. Private radar cars circulate almost everywhere: on national roads, departmental roads or motorways. The balance sheet data, however, showed revealing figures, indicated Femme Actuelle…

96% of checks took place on roads where the maximum authorized speed was between 80 and 90 km/h. In other words, it is the two-way roads outside built-up areas that are particularly targeted by this device…

In addition, 166,000 checks were carried out on sections of roads limited to 70 km/h and only 77,000 on expressways limited to 110 or 130 km/h.