Wommelgem / Hoogstraten / Minderhout –

Cherif, A., 40, of Wommelgem tankte in the period september 2016 to January 2018 in the station Room in the car park of the motorway E19 in Minderhout (Hoogstraten), but less than 31 times without having to pay for it. The court of first instance in Turnhout, belgium, the guy in absentia and sentenced to an effective sentence of twelve months and a fine of 600 euros.

It was, in total, to over 1,300 gallons of diesel fuel into the tanks of several vehicles came to be. All of the facts have been recorded by the camera of the gas station on the E19 motorway in the direction of the Netherlands. One of the registered car number plates that could be linked to Cherif, A., The man in the story, the facts are not. He even claimed during his trial that he had a difficult time had been due to a drug addiction, depression, financial and marital difficulties.

The man promised to pay, but he did it a month ago and do not show up for the hearing of the case in a court of law. The exact compensation will be defined at a later time.