when the dueling Club Brugge yesterday to Real Madrid (2-2) also has Genk’s make noise in the Champions League. The People were at home, Right on a 0-0 and take their first points in this year’s edition of the kampioenenbal.

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No He Will be in the foundation of Rome, and that, in the rush of thought to the duo’s Hirving Lozano-Arkadiusz Owned. In the first division soccer team KRC Genk started the World Dewaest is surprisingly on the bench. The People had something to prove after their defeat against RB Salzburg (2 to 6) and tried to get the ball in to the requirements set out in the initial stages. This was, however, a few small kansjes, because Genk is especially forward thinking.

in The second half and were almost within twenty minutes, and when Patrick Hrošovský is a ball and picked up things after a corner kick. His shot is week and bumped almost into the goal. Almost got the Genkies the door slammed in his face, when Owned by a close to the bar said. Gaëtan Coucke, was knocked off, but it’s doelhout didn Genk-up.
Owned by back to the road. (Photo: Photo News

The visitor had, after half-an-hour breakdown: in the hustle and bustle in Mario’s Horse was injured, on the other hand, Kévin Malcuit came to replace him. Genk have signed something, and then have a solid chance, and at the same time, Aly Samatta the Neapolitan goalkeeper Alex Meret said. But Napoli responded to through ex-Genkie Kalidou Koulibaly, who are betting on the line is wiped out owing to Hrošovský. A lot of chances on both sides, but the idle was still 0-0.

in A game with an open mind. Photo: Isosport

Genk came out on top in the dressing room, the pressure on a weakened Rome. Jose Callejon helped Genk to have a bit of an unexpected opportunity in front of you to pedal. Supersub Dries Mertens was allowed to continue for the hours, substitute, for, a pale-Owned. Genk and Catania were less and less opportunities in the second half, so it chose Such a rush as the last drive. Fernando Llorente, a Spanish tower, the men at the front to win in Genk and sixteen.

Ito was taken out:

in This wild three points out of the fire, drag and drop, Coucke had to try out his goal of picking with a quarter of an hour to go. In the Hilly heart rate went up, the height is, as usual, seemed to be in the works as well. The Luminus in the Arena wanted to be red, when the Property Deposited is of a certain counter is stopped, but it’s his Right and came away with a yellow.

Will be in action in Belgium. (Photo: Photo News

the Seven-minute time was also Hagi is a great opportunity. But the son could not take the advantage of the slip of The because the visitor has to lay down. The Italians went into the final minutes, even with the pedal push, but the push came too late for Will and co.

Genk the public was satisfied with the first point in the Champions League and thanked the players Bongonda, and Hagi with an applausvervanging. Genk was, after all, the defeat of the austrian (from 2 to 6) is good for the fans of the Italian football club Napoli to a brilscore to keep up.

Liverpool’s RB Salzburg games will be 21: 00 for the second match in group E of the uefa Champions League group-think.

COMMENTS. Dries Mertens will not be satisfied after a draw in Genk, Felice Mazzu, praise the spirit of his team:

Interim balance group E:

1. Napoli are 4 points to 2. RB Salzburg 3 new packs of 3. KRC Genk 1, pt 4. Liverpool 0 points.

Ruiz came away with a yellow. (Photo: REUTERS