in The Netherlands presenter: Kees Driehuis, best known for the television quiz show ” By the second pointer, is at the age of 67 passed away. To report in the Dutch media on Wednesday. Driehuis was stopped last year, but with the same program. It was Later determined that he was terminally ill.

in Driehuis, he began his career in 1974 as the NATIONAL. First time on the radio, as an editor, editor-in-chief and presenter of programmes like ‘the Things of the day, Radioweekblad’ and ‘Under attack’. Afterwards, he made the transition to television. Successively, he was the editor-Sonja Barend, editor-in-chief of ‘Impact’, ‘the World’ and ‘The struggle’. In addition, he will also have The ‘small hand’, ‘Nova’, ‘outer court’ and was the voice of the well-known ‘Sinterklaasjournaal’. The most well-known tv quiz show “By the second one for”.

“Kees Driehuis was to be a peaceful side-a journalist,” says BNNVARA. “As a journalist, he opted for a socially and politically relevant topics to which he has a position and accepted it. Waardevrije journalism was not for him. He stuck his neck out, speaking out, or politically correct, or not at all.”

The station closed in the same way that Driehuis his latest episode of ‘on the second one for ” off, “Nothing lasts forever.”

Photo: Hollandse Hoogte / Felix Kalkman

Video: YouTube