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The hospitality industry remains in the doldrums by the health crisis. According to the data of the employer hotels in Spain , this 2020 will close their doors up to 65,000 bars and restaurants. In the months that we have been of pandemic, up to a total of 40,000 local people have cast the close. Data that create a detriment to the initial projections, and that could be more negative if the flare-ups that are happening all over Spain continue to rise. is “These flare-ups are causing us to touch ground again” , explains the president of the employers ‘ association, Jose Luis Yzuel considers that if there is a second confinement would be a “bloodbath”. Is more, to worsen the health situation, the number of closures could soar up to 85,000 businesses.

The thousands of bars and restaurants closed are translated into an indentation in the area of employment. Despite the fact that summer is the high season of recruitment for the sector, in these times, there are 300.000 employees less than in the hotel business last year and it is expected that in the whole of the year to reach 400,000. In addition, many of the affiliates still to be found in within an ERTE by force majeure. In particular, there is 362.248 workers associated with the hospitality industry in this situation.

Although thousands of establishments opened their doors with the arrival of the desconfinamiento, there is still c advanced ckd of 20% that have not returned to the activity. The main reason is the lack of demand by fear of the society to the flare-ups. Other, a 27% re-opened but had to close again because it was not cost-effective while 26% of the bars have decided to open in September. With this almost 20% less bars operating -about 63,000-, the more than 40,000 that have been closed, and the months of inactivity by the pandemic, the hoteliers believe that to close the year with losses of up to 67,000 million euros, half of what was billed in 2019.

With this situation, the value chain of the hospitality industry (formed by the Hospitality of Spain, Aecoc and Ifla) continues to seek aid from the Government. In the first place, it expects that the FATE to spread all that is necessary to preserve jobs . And is that only half of those who have returned to the activity they have managed to incorporate the 100% of the workforce.

in Addition, reject totally any tax increases and ask you to encourage the consumer to apply momentarily the VAT superreducido as they have done in Germany and the United Kingdom. “We find it unthinkable that arise, raises tax to the hospitality industry and the products that are marketed in the same”, explains the director general of Fiab, Mauricio García de Quevedo.

help from Europe

A small thread of hope is opened with the 140.000 million euros of which Spain will receive from the fund of the european recovery. Hospitality and tourism, will be, by its weight in the GDP, the sectors that most benefit from the aid. From the value chain of the hospitality industry trust that you “is subsidized employment and that the funds contribute to maintaining the fabric of business , essential to boost the economic recovery.”