The aankondigingsvideo on the return of Kim Clijsters is just one day online, and still have a few of the Flemings, all have a joke at each other and boxing. In the end the movie will announce when planning Jeff Bronder and Pieterjan Marchand in Bruges, to which they can return will make it… if you were staunch supporters of that Before, “ ” after seven years of doing nothing”. “We can be extremely lazy and one of our favorite tennis player to encourage?”, according to the guys, in keeping with the style of the aankondigingsvideo. “Let’s do this. “Let’s all sit back one more time.”

as The twenty-somethings are not to their advantage. Last year they made them, It’s Not Coming Home, , is a parody of the well-known songs of the English football supporters during the world cup. The movie has been for tens of thousands of views.

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Three respondents, laugh, England, with a brilliant parody: “It’s not coming home!”

Kim Clijsters announces return to professional tennis, to:

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