The Us president, when He wants, and that is the united states ‘ central bank, the Federal Reserve system, interest rates in the United States of america on zero, or even negative, that makes. This is just another attack from the Home to the Federal reserve and its boss, and Jerome Powell.

He had been several times to know that he is in the American interest, much less want to. The Fed has reduced in the month of August for the first time in more than a dozen years, in the range of 2 to 2.25 percent of the time. From the minutes of beleidsvergadering turned out later that some of the members were in favour of the larger interest rate cut.

the microblogsite, Twitter launched a Home Wednesday in a new assault on the “naivete of Jay, Barry, and the Federal Reserve. According to the Us president, they have to be “the interest rate is zero, or less, on and in the US, the national debt is to refinance. “The cost of the interest payments would be significantly lower in may, with loans, same longer capable of securing the” send a tweet to him.

now, The president is, after all, is of the opinion that the united states “will always have the lowest interest rates you would have to pay”. It is the fault of Barry, and the Federal reserve in the united states is not happening in other countries as well. “Thanks to this idiots we are missing an opportunity you only have once in your life.”

In Europe, the key interest rate in march 2016, and to zero.

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