The giveaway race is on. Every year, December is the month of shopping, since it is the time when many French people are looking for the perfect Christmas gifts for their loved ones. However, if the end-of-year celebrations create a pleasant atmosphere that makes you want to relax and unwind, you still have to remain vigilant.

Every year, this period is also that of scams and crooks are on the lookout to find their next victim. SMS, emails, or any other type of scam are thus much more common as Christmas approaches, because many French people are less vigilant and therefore become, without knowing it, easy prey. This is done particularly on the internet or by telephone where it is much easier for hackers to fool their victims.

Fortunately, it is possible to evade scammers by paying attention to several important details. As our colleagues from Marie-Claire point out, for example, it is important to always check the legal notices of a website before making purchases there.

It is advisable to always go to sites that you know well and in which you can trust to make your purchases. However, the search for an original gift can sometimes lead to visiting unknown sites.

When this is the case, you have to go to the very bottom of the page and check the presence of the legal notices. These contain in particular the Siret number, the contacts, the address of the company or the conditions of sale. If all this does not appear, the website is to be avoided. However, their presence is not a guarantee of the reliability of the site, but it remains a relevant indicator.

As Christmas approaches, scams are multiplying everywhere. Here are the 6 that can be watching you and which you should be wary of.