To love or not to love, that is the question! The summer period is often the time for meetings, love, and flirtations. As La Dépêche indicates, an Opinionway poll reveals that 82% of French women and men believe that summer is an easier time to flirt. Summer is therefore the ideal season for meeting new people. Also, it seems like a lot of people are single. According to a study by Insee, the national institute for statistics and economic studies, 41% of French people were single in 2017. The proportion of single men in the matrimonial sense of the term was 44.4% compared to 37, 6 in women.

Do men have more difficulty in France to get married? Nothing seems to indicate it. According to this study, married men were 45.3% unlike women, at 41%. So how do single people meet? On the internet, in bars or on the street, there are many places.

On the one hand, a study by the French Dating Federation indicates that 1.74 million French men and women are active on the Tinder application monthly. It is in particular in the Finistère department that the Tinder application works best, with 40,533 registered users in 2021. In second place is the Hautes-Pyrénées department with 3.98% of its registered population. Then, Haute-Vienne with 3.94%.

Also, it seems that there are cities where the number of single people is higher than elsewhere. Planet has therefore produced a ranking defining the cities with the most single people, according to the Neon site.