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to see The lokeren-based police service will soon be able to have bodycams, a small camera which are the agents on the in their body, during their interventions, and dashcams, cameras in their vehicles, in order to make their interventions, to shoot should the need arise.

“Our agents are given during the interventions, as well as to make a discussion with the people, that they demand explanations. Often, this leads subsequently to the endless discussions about who has said or done,” explains chief of police, and Dirk in The Line before already.

“To do this kind of right and wrong games to a halt, the agents have been asking for their intervention to be able to make this film using bodycams. We have a wide cameranetwerk of fixed and mobile cameras. Which in the past have already proven their worth. With these bodycams and dashcams, we want to have the safety on the streets and increase the probability of detection of the perpetrators to increase criminaliteitsvormen prevent it, and suspects it to detect the suspicious situations to look for and the perpetrators more quickly locate and pick up on it,” said The Line.

The images from the cameras are retained in the police department, under the constant supervision of an officer of the police department. The police department has a secure server.

Lokerse feesten.

“We have been in the past Lokerse Feesten is already running a test, and the responses of the men were supportive. In the presence of a camera, no doubt, also have a deterrent and preventive effect as well.”

at The Lokerse city council was unanimous in agreeing to the purchase. Joseph Harouch (Green) early on, who would decide whether to make interventions with the bodycams should or should not take it. It may, for example, can be a citizen of the agent, you can ask for the response to the film?” said Harrouch. “So what do we do with people who seem to be self-intervention on the part of the police to shoot videos with their smartphones.” The mayor Anthuenis (Open VLD) has confirmed that, also in regard to this legislation, and that the council member would provide.