Tesla boss brings his life’s work in danger


Elon Musk whistles on ban of Tesla boss brings his life’s work in GefahrElon Musk can re-build cars, contrary to the provisions adopted by the competent district in California to protect workers from Covid-19.Thomas Fromm and Claus Hulverscheidt11 Kommentare11Bestätigt his reputation as a rebel of the auto industry, Elon Musk.Photo: Keystone/Noah Berger

The Tesla Headquarters on Deer Creek Road in Palo Alto, California is a Fortress made of yellow Sandstone, which lies from the road and barely visible in the rolling hills of the Los Altos Hills. The terrain is surrounded by a high fence, at the entrance controls – very different than in Silicon Valley, the usual – a beefy Bodyguard. Would be after weeks of the Corona-lock downs once again in full operation prevailed, it would probably be noticed hardly anyone.

can be Very different in the Tesla factory in 30 kilometres away in Fremont, where the week long empty, swept Parking lot was on Monday suddenly so filled to the brim, not to deny that the head of the company tried in the first place: Elon Musk re-build cars, contrary to all the rules that had been issued by the competent County of Alameda for the protection of workers from Covid-19.

It is a typical Musk

The 48-Year-old blows the whistle on the rules, which set policy and authorities – and he flirts even more with it. If the police wanted someone to arrest, then not one of the 10’000 employees in the Fremonter’s work, but him personally, please, he wrote in the short message service Twitter. Previously the Self had pale-billionaire repeatedly over the Corona-regulations in the United States and in the state of California, the Virus of small-talk, and restrictions of public life as a “fascist” means. Last Saturday, he threatened to move the Tesla Headquarters to Texas or Nevada. Both States promote for a Long time, with low taxes and lax regulation of companies from California.

Musk has learned over the years that the headlines are about him the most when he is provoked. If he smokes in front of a camera, marijuana, if he wishes to analysts, investors or colleagues, the hell – or – if he offended a rescue diver in Thailand who rejects his offer of help to the liberation of children from a cave, as a pedophile. Always he seemed to be convinced that someone who builds revolutionary electric cars and his space company Space-X Mars to colonize, you must also have a revolutionary large flap. A quiet, thoughtful Nerd, one of the researchers, simply, is not Musk anyway.

this Time he goes even further than in earlier cases

Just Tesla for the period January had shown up to March with a profit, in spite of Corona. The perennial loss-maker, suddenly, in the third quarter in a row with black Numbers – it’s no wonder that Musk can’t have medical restrictions, factory closures and standing ribbons and the production in his main work, again-up wants. What are the prohibitions and nightlife restrictions, scissors him there?

The only Problem: this Time the situation is serious. Elon Musk, the pioneer, soon as the right crusher and Corona-deniers in jail? This time, the non-conformist could damage crap from his Tesla brand heavy – and even his own life’s work of tearing. Then, when his investors and buyers to turn away in horror from him, and his car company.

However, That Musks new rule, violation of at least a piece far only staging is, shows the fact, that the Californian authorities had made a re-opening of the car factory for the coming week in view. The other big car manufacturers in the United States to take the production again. Instead of sending a tweet, should the Parties to the table and a concept for a safe return of employees to their jobs develop, said County mayor Scott Haggerty. “It would be a sad day, would March to the police Department of Fremont, indeed, to the factory, and Elon Musk take.”

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