By the very admission of the leaders of the BMTC Group, times are tough for furniture retailers. Despite everything, in order to be able to compete against giants like Amazon and Wayfair, the company has invested in its e-commerce and in the recent conversion of Brault stores.

“Our main competitors are local, pan-Canadian and international,” launched Marie-Berthe Des Groseillers, President and CEO of Groupe BMTC Inc., during the presentation of the company’s financial results for the quarter ending on 30 April 2023. This referred in particular to Wayfair and Amazon.

She added in the process that the BMTC Group must have a “strike force” to face them. And this offensive, an investment of $28 million, is already visible, especially on TV. Since the announcement in May of the conversion of the 11 Brault stores

Even though these major competitors are exclusively online, Ms. Des Groseillers does not want to abandon physical stores. “For the retail trade in Quebec, we feel that people like to buy online, but like to know that they have a store, not far away, where they can go if they have a problem or even ask for advice, a- she pointed out during an interview with La Presse, after the presentation of the results. I think that’s what makes our difference and our strength. »

The company also plans to replace its two warehouses in Montreal and Quebec, since they have become obsolete. It will also invest in two real estate projects.

Although the BMTC Group is embarking on the projects, the results presented on Thursday are to say the least “disappointing”, admits the main interested party. Sales decreased by 23% compared to the same period last year, from 175 million to 135 million.

But she is hopeful that customers will come back and her stores, which have an average of 40,000 products, will be there to welcome them, says Des Groseillers. “We have products ranging from entry-level to very high-end. There are hot tubs, blenders, a $99 booster chair, and a $3000 booster chair. We wanted to create a one stop shop. »

“It’ll come back,” she assures. We have seen it since Tanguay’s announcement, we have felt the excitement. We are confident. »

Year of foundation: 1986 (with the Tanguay and Brault brands

President and CEO: Marie-Berthe Des Groseillers

Total number of stores: 25 (now all under the name Tanguay and Tanguay l’Entrepôt)

Number of employees: 1000

Headquarters: Montreal East