Breathe a sigh of relief in Hobart: The international Jury has denied the Protest against Wild Oats XI. Thus, the series winner has won the traditional race from Sydney to Hobart for the ninth Time. Although the Yacht in the Australian billionaire’s family had crossed the finish line ahead of the Tasmanian capital, in the past year as the first. But they had been on a Protest of its rival Comanche with a time penalty that cost them the victory.

Christoph Hein

Economics correspondent for South Asia/Pacific, based in Singapore.

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this year, a similar fate threatened her suddenly: The Skipper of the second-placed super-Maxi Black Jack was reported to the race driving line, the position system (AIS) have not sent the Wild Oats XI during the race continuously. I brought the later winners an advantage, because you knew where your opponents were, you yourself have, however, been of the competition. A Protest against the behavior of the team, Skipper Mark Richards Black-Jack’s owner Peter Harburg is not submitted.

This then took over the betting driving the line. You had stated on Friday evening, to be from Harburg informed of and to have then itself evidence for the Non-Sending of the Automatic Identification System collected. Their Protest was rejected at lunch in Hobart of the five-member Jury. The German-new Zealander Peter Scheuerl. The justification related to the behavior of the crew of Wild Oats XI. Instead, the arbitrator stated that such a Protest should have been filed by a competitor – so about Harburg, and not of the stewards. Although this is not an acquittal for the behavior of the series winner, but the Wild Oats XI keeps the Triumph of the 74. Edition of the 628-nautical-mile-long tradition of the regatta.

Skipper Richards was revealed after the Jury’s decision delighted. “We will do everything possible to keep to the rules. It is just sad that this came up. We want to forget it now, but just and our victory celebration.“