Storm, O despair. Have you planned a picnic and barbecue this weekend? You will have to review your plans… After the heat of the past few days, thunder and lightning will make their big comeback in the skies of France on Sunday June 18. The day of this Saturday, June 17 will be hot and heavy, with temperatures which could reach 34°C in places. The feeling will be much higher, reaching 38°C in some regions and not dropping below 30°C, except on the Brittany coast.

This day of heat will be followed by many storms, explains La Chaîne Météo on its site: “A large-scale and well-organized stormy degradation will take place on Sunday”. Be careful, the storms could be violent since it will be the episode of this type that could be the strongest since the beginning of the year and which will cross France from West to East. The atmosphere will be “heavy and tropical”. To these storms will be added hail in around twenty departments, ranging from the Pyrénées-Atlantiques to the Loire. For its part, Météo France warns of a galerne phenomenon, which it defines as “a sudden change in weather”, corresponding to “a shift and a strengthening of the wind often accompanied by a sudden drop in temperatures”.

In all, 66 departments of France will be affected by thunderstorms this weekend, from low to high intensity depending on the hours. Millions of French people will have to be careful during this day, is this your case? Check out the list below to find out.