Sucks on the way: remain cloudy, with lightning, and even hail damage


as for The pesky rain is showing in the next few days, here and there, though opklaringen, but on Wednesday it will be onweerachtig, and it’s even a bit of a korrelhagel, it is possible to. That report, the royal meteorological institute.

The weather forecast for the week. Photo: RMI

The Tuesday: quickly dryer is available in the west and in the centre, while the middle east continues to fall. In the afternoon, it continues to be the rainy season in the south of the Sambre and the Meuse, into the heart, increases the chance of a few showers. The west will continue into the afternoon, mainly dry with a chance of sunny periods. The limits are between about 10 degrees and the b & b is 16 degrees to the west.

Tuesday night: we expect to have some rain in the east, but it is after midnight, mostly falling on thu night. All Over the city, and especially in the west, to increase the chance of a few showers. It was not much, to remain cloudy, with sometimes a wider opklaringen. In the Ardennes, the low clouds and the visibility limited. The minimums range from 7 degrees celsius in the b & b, and to 11 degrees in the west and in the centre of town.

Wednesday: , it is already starting in the morning, mixed with occasional rain showers, which onweerachtig can be, and even a bit of a korrelhagel, it is possible to. Usually remain cloudy, but a few of the opklaringen may be in between, to appear. With a maximum of between 8 degrees celsius in the b & b is 14 degrees, the sea is, it’s a little too fresh for this time of the year. There is still a moderate to sometimes strong wind direction. Wind gusts of 50 to 60 km/h are possible during the storms.

predictions for Thursday: , are uncertain. Especially in the morning, there is still a chance of showers, but the afternoon looks like it’s from the west is drier, with wider opklaringen. The ceilings range from 11 to 16 degrees celsius.