Riverdale is the next destination for Sabrina Spellman! Kiernan Shipka announced on Thursday via Instagram that she will be appearing as her Chilling Adventures of Sabrina character for season 6 of Riverdale.

Shipka, 21 years old, posted a photo showing herself in Riverdale to share the news. It showed her sitting in a chair with her name on it.

Shipka described the towns in which the shows are set, “From Greendale To Riverdale.” “See you in Season 6!”

Shipka will next star in Treat, a podcast movie about Halloween from C13Features. It will be available worldwide on all podcast platforms by Oct. 25.

Riverdale’s Riverdale will be visited by Sabrina in episode 604, “The Witching Hour(s)”, to assist Cheryl with a dangerous spell that could save the life of a beloved Blossom family member.

Roberto Aguirre Sacasa, creator of Riverdale and CAOS, spoke out to ET about his excitement at the crossover event.

He said, “We’ve been discussing having Sabrina come to Riverdale since Season One. It’s exciting that this is finally happening as part of Rivervale’s special event.” It’s perfect that she showed up to help Cheryl Blossom in her time of greatest need. Fans will feel the same. It’s so much fun and special.”

Aguirre Sacasa, ET’s February 2012 correspondent, stated that Riverdale crossovers were possible with Katy Keene or CAOS.

He said, “I will tell ya that we have had many conversations about finding a way to bring Katy Keene and Sabrina characters to Riverdale.” “It’s possible, it’s more probable than ever before, let me tell you that.”

Sabrina’s news comes as Deadline is informed by Aguirre Sacasa that Riverdale’s series regular Mark Consuelos was fired. He was Hiram, Veronica’s imposing father and joined the show in season 2.

“From the moment Mark joined our team, he was open to literally any challenge and a hundred percent dedicated to Archie’s miserable existence. It’s also funny that Mark is so different from Hiram, Aguirre Sacasa stated. “A sweet guy and a classy professional, always looking out to everyone. We wish Mark all the best and we hope that this is not the last time we see Hiram Lodge.

Consuelos stated, “First and foremost I would like to give thanks to Roberto Aguirre–Sacasa” “I have never played a character so difficult, felt so good. Thank you Riverdale fans, the amazing crew, and cast. I consider them my dearest friends and family.