About one-third of the geneesmiddelenbudget is going to be the ‘secret deals’ that the government and pharmaceutical companies shut down. His client is a drug is already available even before it was officially recognized, but for the price and it falls under trade secrets. Government POLICIES.”A” has a bill been submitted in order to be more available to receive.

The action for the baby and Pia has brought in the so-called Mickey-in deals are still out of focus. The secretary of state for Social Affairs, Maggie De Block (Open VLD), can be with the pharmaceutical companies bargain to get a drug on the market, even before it is officially approved to be reimbursed. In the case of the baby’s Movements, and wanted the company to Novartis not to do so. But, in general, this happens more and more. In accordance with government POLICIES.A it was last year, even as high as 29 per cent of the geneesmiddelenbudget to such contracts. “As to that, however, as an exception, and that is referred to it”, says Member of parliament, She Depraetere.

It was on The Blocks, and the predecessor Laurette Onkelinx (PS), which is the system under which the life had been called upon in order to meet the highest needs. SP.A behind the principle, but the scuppers will be delayed. In addition, she asks that parliament’s access in to the purchase price and the terms and conditions that are in The Block, with the companies agreeing. These data are among the trade secrets.

“We’ve proposed a bill which makes it possible for going to be the court of audit and to ask for it”, says Depraetere. “We do not ask that the contracts be released to the public but that access is possible in the event of a complaint or an investigation. Now, there is no single authority that can verify whether or not the government is a fair price to pay.” The only people who are at the height of the members of the consultative working party of the prime minister, among others, the representatives of the ministers of the Economy and the Budget.

Increase of eur 1.4 million.

as for the Block, that’s what the system has to be revised. But, she warns, in order for the child with the bathwater and throw it away. “The alternative would be nothing to pay back,” said the minister. “This means that the patients will have years to have to wait and see if the medicine is not for them.”

now, With any revisions the minister in concrete thinking, but they are still not gone. That there is something that needs to be done into the funding of the drugs, that’s all. According to figures published by the monitoring committee, to increase spending by 1.4 billion euro bid for the 2024 games, to 6.6 billion euros.

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