British Minister of the interior – The woman with the cutting voice Who is traveling to the UK, now has two weeks in quarantine. Hardly anyone finds the good – except for Priti Patel.Cathrin KAHL far from London5 Kommentare5Beinhart and uncompromising: Priti Patel at a press conference.Photo: Reuters

As Priti Patel, the last Time in the Cabinet was sitting, she was fired from the then Prime Minister, Theresa May, after only a year. She was, for international development, private vacation in Israel, with many senior Israeli politicians met, without informing London and schönte, after this came out, even some of the facts.

May felt Patel’s private foreign policy as arrogant, Patel had to go. A lot of the career of the ambitious British saw Indian origin as completed.

Gujarat, Uganda and then the United Kingdom

Far from the truth. The 48-Year-old, whose family had emigrated from Gujarat to Uganda and in the ‘ 60s, after the United Kingdom withdrew, came back, to everyone’s Surprise, under Boris Johnson – in a far more important office, is now Minister of the interior, and like many other members of the Cabinet, the champion the Vote-Leave-campaign and a supporter of Brexit. Under Johnson these positions are considered to be as important as loyalty to the head of the government itself.

Who has seen Patel in debates about the Brexit, know how a leg can be tough and uncompromising you can be. As the nature of the EU phase-out was May still be highly controversial and different factions in the Conservative party about a hard or soft Brexit argued, had Patel of right hard-liners to celebrate and gave a fighting Talk about it, that the EU is hemorrhaging democracy under Miniere and the UK financially.

Patel brings only “the people into the Land that we need”.

one Of your main is also one of the most important promises of the Brexit concern campaign: the end of freedom of movement for workers and immigration law, reducing the number of foreigners in the Kingdom and controlled. In your role as Minister of the interior presented, therefore, in the spring of the new points-based immigration law, the EU citizens are not given preferential treatment.

she presented the law as you have everything to hand with cutting voice and without a hint of doubt: The law complete freedom of movement Once and for all and get only “the people into the Land that we need”.

passengers at Heathrow airport: After arrival, two weeks in quarantine. Photo: Toby Melville/Reuters

Currently she is again in the forefront of a controversial regulation that came into force on Monday: two weeks of forced isolation of travelers coming to the United Kingdom. Critics, even from their own party, keep to the Plan is absurd, because the quarantine will be introduced to a time when most other European countries open up their borders and the number of Corona-Infected in the Kingdom is still significantly higher than elsewhere. Immigrants to isolate the end of 14 days – this should have been done months ago, when the Lockdown began; now it was too late and too bad for the airline and tourism industry.

Even Theresa May is clueless

Patel, as always, is unimpressed by the wind, she is exposed to. It was irrelevant, she said in the house of Commons that such a rule is “inconvenient”, the government would have to finally protect the health of the population.

Self-your former Boss, Theresa May, asked at a loss: “Instead of the UK seal off from the Rest of the world – why not take care of the government, that this country is a pioneer in the development of a world-leading system for health checks on flights and ensures that Jobs will remain the same and the economy doesn’t suffer?” Patel reacted coolly: The scheme is “reasonable” and “sensible”. Several British airlines are now considering to sue because of the forced quarantine against the government.

And not only the. Also against Patel’s self-a process is pending: A high-ranking official of the interior Ministry threw recently, because you harassed him and other employees and the ridiculous have made. Later, more complaints about bullying were known. Patel says that she was unaware of any wrongdoing.

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