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Thursday evening, in Fuengirola, it filled the Plaza, within what is now allowed: Ponce cut off a trophy to each bull; one, Emilio de Justo; reappeared worthily Fortes. This seems to have been one of the last runs of this singular season, in Andalusia. In addition to the limitation of the capacity to the half, the Board has just instituted a safety distance of 1’5 meters. With that, they make unfeasible most of the festivities have been cancelled as the Goyesca of Ronda (who had announced a great poster, with Morante, the reappearance of the Rock King and Aguado) and two of San Miguel, at Seville. Is at risk for a serious magellan of Sanlúcar. In the rest of Spain, would be in the air, on the whole, the so-called Reconstruction Plan (15 runs, 5 calves and 4 of rejones), with many unknowns, and the Autumn Fair in madrid.

we Thought that the running of Fuengirola was going to be a celebration, kind and undemanding, like several that have already taken place, but the bulls –the big unknown of the Festival– changed the whole landscape. The cattle of Manuel Blázquez brought unforeseen difficulties, the three right-handed had to work and risk more than expected.

he Reappeared Ponce, with the wrist bandaged from the blow suffered in The Port. (It is already tiresome to note that, in the paseíllo, drawn with the sword in the sand, instead of the usual cross).In the first one, manageable, a fiddling easy and eye-catching, without shaking, and a lunge, a low-were worth an ear. The fourth hit arreones. Ponce stopped the music; with risk, he was taking natural and killed well: the other ear. For me, it has been your site of more merit of this season, but, other times, you have cut more trophies. Personally, I regret that outsole prefer the way of the aesthetics of bullfighting, much more valuable, for which Ponce is so gifted, as again demonstrated in Fuengirola. Of course, this implies higher risk and deal with animals with caste and power: something, unfortunately, rare.

Emilio Justo was the clear winner of his previous hand-to-hand with Ponce, in Plasencia. This time, the misuse of the sword prevented him to equal him in trophies. The firmness is the word that best defines his current style: bullfighting classic, serious, without compromise. Returned loose the precious sardinian, hats, soft, allowed a site complete, finished off with beautiful muletazos from the front, of the sevillian school: natural, even though they were with the right hand, then tossed it to the sand the sword. This time, he killed evil, advancing at the same time two hands, instead of crossing, as they should, and lost the ears. In the fifth, who had protested a lot, greeted Morenito of Arles. Just endured stops, swallowed a lot, a job, and was right with the sword: ear. Has curdled in a serious right-handed from the classic line and, sometimes, kills very well.

he Reappeared the malaga Fortes, heavily punished by the bulls, after almost two years. The countrymen supported him and his teammates gave him a bull but it was the worst batch, which offered very few possibilities. His performance was dignified and courageous; they stressed the bossy muletazos with which you started the job the third, but failed with the descabello. In the last, he risked a lot in a couple Road but the bull is cracked completely.

The difficulties of the cattle put to the test in the three right-handed. The worst thing is the black horizon for the celebrations and that no one can accuse the regional government of Andalusia of antitaurina. Also at the Party, the coronovirus commands.

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