On March 7, Jade Mathe’s mother appealed to help her find her daughter. This young 16-year-old teenager in first class at the Jules-Fil high school in Carcassonne, had not been found since that date. She did not return home that day. Her mother, Sandrine, interviewed by The Independent, explains that that day, her daughter did not go to class following a call from her new 21-year-old boyfriend from Narbonne. Later that day, Sandrine receives a message from her daughter telling her: “Mom, don’t wait for me to eat. I need to be alone. I’ll explain everything to you tonight.”

This message comes after an altercation the night before between the two women. Indeed, Sandrine, already suspicious of this new boyfriend, allows her daughter to go to dinner with her parents. Only, Jade does not respect the curfew forcing her mother to pick her up. It was at 9 p.m. that Sandrine reported the disappearance of her daughter, who was supposed to finish school at 3 p.m. According to information collected by our journalist colleague Driss Chaït, the police officers affirm that his telephone “would have bounded on the side of the Salvaza area in Carcassonne”. She was later located twice by officers.

The day after her disappearance, while other testimonies claim to have seen her accompanied by a boy on crutches in the city, Sandrine calls for help on social networks. This has paid off since the teenager returned to the family home after making contact with her mother.

Sandrine reassured Internet users through a Facebook post indicating Jade’s return to her home.

No explanation or details have been given regarding the reasons for his disappearance.