34 days 21 hours and 18 minutes long-the partial government took a halt in the United States, according to the “Washington Post”. Almost 35 days, in which employees of eight ministries and the subordinate authorities for their work were paid, had to stay at home or sick reported. Almost 35 days in which the museums and national parks remained closed and officials had to go to panels, to get food, because they could not afford without a paycheck, to buy.

Oliver Kühn

editor in the policy.

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After almost 35 days, the longest “Shutdown” in the history of the United States now over, because the American President Donald Trump has accepted on Friday a financing for the closed ministries. Since the beginning of December last year, he had to do the refused, should not be included in the financing of the $ 5.7 billion that he wants to have a wall on the Mexican border.

“We really have no other choice”

But the money he has now. Therefore, he says, once only, the government is up to 15. To keep February open. There should be no agreement in the dispute over the wall-financing, there is either another “Shutdown” – or, he will declare a national emergency to deal with “me in this emergency,” he said on Friday afternoon in front of the White house in a speech. “We really have no other choice than to build a mighty wall or steel barrier”, he made clear his Belief that the matter was not yet done. The compromise provides for the creation of a Commission of senators and deputies of both parties to negotiate, as the contrast can be resolved.