Shannon Courtenay will likely lose her WBA bantamweight title, after she failed to gain weight to defend against Jamie Mitchell.

Although the 28-year old was 2.5lbs heavier than the 118 lbs limit Friday afternoon, the Liverpool fight will still take place on Saturday.

Courtenay described a social media predicament that was completely out of Courtenay’s control. This left Courtenay in an agonizing situation, potentially losing her WBA belt.

Courtenay posted the following Instagram caption: “We were on weight and ready for yesterday.”

“Then, last night, my menstrual cycle began unexpectedly. This causes women to gain weight.

“We didn’t have any weight problems during camp, and I felt really well and prepared all week.

“To say that I am devastated is an understatement, because this has never happened before. I’m always professional but this was physically beyond my control.

“It’s happened, I can’t alter it, but I can go out there and get the win and my belt back straight afterwards, and that’s exactly how I’m going.”