New rules on the road. Carpooling lanes have been developing on the road network since 2020, thus pushing the French to adopt this new form of mobility, better for the planet.

As a reminder, as the APRR motorways website explains, these sections of road are reserved for the following motorists:

Motorists traveling alone, in a vehicle that is not classified Crit’Air zero emission, are therefore excluded from these carpooling lanes. The government’s objective is to encourage these people to stop driving alone, in order to reduce their CO2 emissions by carpooling or taking public transport when they can. Some do not necessarily play the game, the government has decided to control these lanes, but will it sanction those who do not respect the rules?

As the radars-auto site explains, the Mobility Orientation Law makes it possible to note “offences resulting from the violation of traffic rules relating to the use of a reserved lane”. To do this, they can rely on carpooling radars, capable of counting the number of occupants in each car present on this lane.

For the time being, the government is above all teaching and the checks carried out by these radars do not entail any sanction: only an alert message is displayed on a panel mentioning your license plate, to encourage you to to change of way. Things change if you are checked directly by law enforcement, because your offense will cost you 135 euros in fines. Carpool radars have already been installed in a handful of cities and they will continue to operate in 2023. In others, they will arrive as early as next year. Find out which ones below.