On Wednesday December 14, the Rouen pensioner Marc Souali received a phone call from his bank, informing him that he had been declared deceased, as reported by our colleagues from Capital. The bank employee first asks him many questions aimed at confirming his identity. He is then urged to regularize his situation with his pension fund, under penalty of no longer receiving it. And yes, the dead don’t get a pension!

It was necessary to act very quickly because, once the services are interrupted, it is very complicated, and above all very long, to put them back in place. And for good reason: cases requiring a resumption of retirement pension payments are not commonplace.

The journey was very long. Indeed, Mr. Souali had to wait 2 years before his file was processed with the Pension and Occupational Health Insurance Fund, or Carsat. The procedure would have been considerably complicated by the profession that Marc Souali exercised before his retirement. He was a butler, and therefore worked for a large multitude of employers throughout his career.

He will know the result of his approach on January 9, 2023 only. The wait is very long, and if the procedure does not succeed soon, he will probably have to start another one, with a different body. Rest assured however, this kind of error is unlikely to happen to you, because they are very rare according to Carsat.