Experiencing a disability at work can be a complex situation, despite the efforts and measures put in place to support the people concerned. In this type of situation, it is therefore essential to obtain adequate care to facilitate the professional career of the disabled worker. While different processes exist, other devices are also created at the time of retirement to provide some benefits to people with disabilities. Discover the 5 benefits to which you are entitled.

If you have lived your professional career with a disability, you have the possibility of leaving earlier than planned thanks to the early retirement scheme. It will therefore be possible for you to leave professional life before the age of 62, at the earliest at age 55, in the perspective that all the conditions for pension insurance are met. To be able to benefit from it, it is necessary to have a minimum number of quarters, including a minimum number of quarters with contributions. It is also essential to have a permanent disability rate of at least 50%, but also to have the status of disabled worker (RQTH) for periods prior to 2016.

Before retiring and when submitting your application, you must provide a number of useful supporting documents. It is therefore preferable to pay particular attention to your career statement to identify any shortcomings, then to make a request for regularization in the event of a problem. Elements such as your disability card, the decision of the CDAPH or the decision of the Cotorep will also be part of the documents to be collected. Requests for early retirement are then studied by a committee. Discover, in our slideshow, which are the 5 advantages to which you are entitled in this context.