Richard Berry: who is Josephine, the other daughter of the actor accused of incest?


The Richard Berry affair continues to make the news. Since the revelations of the scandal, in January 2021, by his daughter Coline Berry-Rojtman accusing him of incest during his childhood, the clan of the famous comedian of 72 years is more divided than ever. Faced with the accusations, her other daughter Joséphine Berry came out of silence on social networks.

On Friday December 16, the daughter of English comedian and photographer Jessica Forde posted a long press release on her Instagram page, after her half-sister was convicted of defamation against her father’s ex-girlfriend, Jeane Manson. “For more than two years I have been living in an upsetting situation within my family and in the media. Today I feel liberated,” she began in a four-page publication.

“Shocked by the violence of these accusations”, the young actress claims to have “never witnessed any reprehensible act” on the part of her father Richard Berry or an “ambiguous attitude towards me, children or adolescents”. However, the rest of Joséphine Berry’s testimony returns to the moments of her childhood that she could have buried. “So I questioned myself and I consulted in order to look for possibly buried memories. And I affirm, without a shadow of a doubt, that there are none”, she assures.

Returning in particular to the court decisions proving the innocence of her ex-mother-in-law and her father, whom she never doubted, Joséphine Berry nevertheless wishes that “the victims, women or men, be heard and taken into account by justice” to find the truth and convict the guilty. If the 30-year-old now wants to “put this case” behind her to continue her job, she thanks her loved ones for their support. “I wish everyone peace and serenity,” she concluded on Instagram. A testimony to which his father Richard Berry, targeted by Coline Berry’s complaint, dismissed for prescription, responded with a short message. “Thank you for these words my darling daughter”.

Usually discreet in the media, Joséphine Berry was revealed to the cinema in the 2000s where she played in several films by her father such as Moi César, 10 ans et demi, 1m39, La Boîte noire and L’Immortel, then Our women in 2015. On the television side, the 30-year-old actress is known to fans of the Clem series since she has played Salomé since season 9. In parallel, the actress is at the theater in the play Le Cercle Des Illusionnistes by Alexis Michalik at the Splendid Theater. Here is his portrait and his career in pictures in our slideshow.