Well started with It’s a time of bridled beast (2016) and By the skin of the snakes (2019), Mathieu Simoneau’s poetic journey continues under the gaze of the sun in his third collection published at Noroît.

The poet masters writing as chiseled as it is lush. He is part of this generation of authors who put their noses outside to take root. His words thus sniff out the environmental peril in a world that is “just a crumpled sheet”, where “houses give way” and “everything happens without smiles”.

Lengths in the twilight also announces a personal duel between a writer deserted by the dream and the all-powerful sun which makes time nothing. It is the story of a man who undertakes the downward slope of life, in “free fall”, and who assumes the slowness imposed by the silence of the dead.

“Courage / is knowing how to / chain oneself to twilight / and decline / walk in the footsteps of a beast / which precedes us / and which we will never see / culminate in its reign. »

In a planet that spins too fast, in the winter of humanity, Mathieu Simoneau names the wounds, eyes open, equipped with words torn from the trees by the wind and genes stirred by ferns.

The poet hopes for an exhaustion of darkness and sows words in long furrows. His inner fauna replaces him, replaces us, in the skin of the hare that we all are, this “wild beast out of reach”, and perhaps even like “stubborn salmon” carrying love from one to another. ‘other.