Calling all lovers of metallic post-rock, all those who love the slow construction of slender pieces and all lovers of crescendos and discordant harmonies: Montreal band Milanku will make your musical spring shine.

The five pieces brought together under the title At Dawn, the quintet’s fourth essay, allow us to hear the musical seriousness of the guys.

Already, The dogma of the simulacrum, charismatic intro piece of Mouvement du non-être

In the shadow of this giant of the genre, Milanku has refined his approach at his own pace, and has hung on to the cries – driven mainly by Guillaume Chamberland – and the fat and strident guitars of the melodious, harmonic, slowly built arrangements.

And now rises today At Dawn, a mature album, a firebrand with well-constructed emphatic messages (“The fear / Towards the great void / Becomes the very essence / Of the great sadness “, on the track opening, At dawn; of their silences), but unfortunately not very audible; the Milanku sound wall does not allow attentive listening to the texts. Yes, we would have liked to hear and understand the words shouted by Erika Angell (Thus Owl) on the last track, At Dawn; we disappeared, a distinguished guest who feminized this musical type, prerogative especially of the male genre.

We remember at the release of At Dawn this “Godspeedian” atmosphere, of course, but also this aggressiveness, this brutal urgency to be heard at Milanku. To come out of the shadows. Because he has something good to say to this “other” group from Montreal.