Revaluation of retirement pensions: which months are affected by retroactivity?


Retirees will soon have something to rub their hands with. While he was not yet re-elected, campaigning President Macron undertook, on condition of winning the confidence of the French men and women a second time, to increase the amount of retirement pensions. The idea was to protect their income against the inflationary wave that the country has been facing for several months now. In fact, as Planet has already had the opportunity to explain, the increase in pensions may well not be sufficient to cover the reality of the loss of purchasing power suffered.

All the more so, some might fear, since the revaluation in question has been delayed several times. Fortunately, the latter (which does not only concern retirees, but also recipients of social benefits) is retroactive. Very concretely, this means that the payment which will be made on Friday September 9 will be inflated by several months of increase.

Let us first recall that the revaluation expected this Friday is 4% for all retirement pensions from the general scheme. It therefore does not concern supplementary pensions, such as those paid by Agirc-Arrco or Ircantec, for example.

The retroactive dimension of the revaluation will only concern payments from July to August 2022, which are respectively made on August 9 and September 9 of the same year. So don’t expect a revaluation over the whole year…