Many French people start their career very young and can therefore claim early retirement. To benefit from it, you must justify a certain number of quarters at the start of your activity. With the adoption of the pension reform, several parameters will change from September 1st. You will therefore have to be careful about the steps to be taken. Here is the request that it is imperative not to forget in case you benefit from a long career.

As of September 1, 2023, the conditions for early retirement for long careers are changing. The system will, from this date, be extended to people who started working before the age of 21. If you were born before September 1, 1961, you are not affected by the pension reform. If you were born after September 1, 1961 and you started working before the age of 16, you can leave at the age of 58, provided you have contributed five quarters before the calendar end of your 16th birthday. You will need to show proof of a number of terms ranging between 169 and 172.

If you started working before the age of 18, you can also retire from the age of 60, provided you have contributed five quarters before the end of the calendar year of your 18th birthday. To find out if you can benefit from early retirement for a long career, you must log in to your personal space and use the “Obtain my retirement age” service. Before making your request, it is essential to check that all your career elements appear on your statement, which can be consulted on your personal space. Do not forget to apply for regularization from the age of 55, if you notice the slightest error or the slightest oversight.