This Friday is travel day for the German national Handball team. It goes from Berlin to Cologne, to the main round of the world championship. The transfer time is short: on Saturday (20.30 imF.A.Z.-Live scores for basketball-WMund in the ARD) against Iceland will be played again, because it was pleasant, that the national players had to make on Thursday evening, at least for your main Luggage, no more worrying.

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Christian Kamp

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

That you would take 3:1 points, early in the evening, after a 35:26 victory for the Brazilians over Korea. Which meant that the Team vonChristian Prokop was able to tackle a task against Serbia with a clear head. With 31:23, the Germans made for a wonderful farewell, the Team and the audience to the lack of concentration-embossed final quarter of an hour, once again, a lot of joy. “There were five fantastic games or ten fantastic days,” said Prokop, in retrospect. His team not only with a “very good feeling” to Cologne, the three points were a “great thing”.

In Cologne is the name of the opponent now, Island (Saturday, 20.30 Uhr, ARD), Croatia (Monday, 20.30 PM, ARD or ZDF) and Spain, the European champion (Wednesday, 20.30, ARD or ZDF/ all of the games in the F. A. Z.-Liveticker zur Handball-WM). With a view to these tasks, the German player remembered in Berlin once again in the draw against Russia. “As we have seen, we have to show our maximum power,” said Martin Strobel.Paul Druxsprach of a “little crack” that the have brought this game, but the team stood up after that against France “again” – an important milestone for the Team at this tournament.

On Thursday evening, a very different lightness was higher than the hall than in the high-pressure duel with the champion of the world. In Cologne, the possibility will increase to be on Saturday then, with 19,000 held as in Berlin, of 13,500 spectators in the hall, the “pressure in the boiler”, as Bob Hanning said, the Vice President of the German handball Federation. On the square, Matthias Musche was with five goals, including two seven meters, the best German cannons against Serbia. In a Team, in which Procopius the season, spread wide, and his master claimed players long rest breaks allowed, was allowed to show Silvio heinevetter of a Berlin home crowd over the full time – he even put the final point celebrated 31:23.

On Wednesday had arrived a new man in the national team,Kai Häfner, helped as early as 2016, as successors in title. He was glad that he could experience the “live,” he said on Thursday, in the hall, to the squad he belonged to. Prior to an exchange Prokop wants to wait and see how the adductors strain of Steffen Weinhold developed. The national coach announced that on Saturday, in any case, again 16 a man in the squad would be – who would it be, he left it open but still. Against Serbia, the team got along. The Germans were to start with the very last consequence, but after a 0:2 behind, they brought into the Constitution that needed it.

“We didn’t want to go down,” said Prokop. Franz Semper took Weinholds Position of the national coach, began early on to change a lot: Re -, Lemke, Shelly, Kohlbacher came, Gensheimer, Strobel, Groetzki and Pekeler got a longer break, after they had put their Team on course. It was important to distribute the load, said Procopius, “the level we have held above”. For a while, not to came, the Germans a Two-goal lead, despite the fact that the cover worked usual focused and Heinevetter had the opportunity to play in the spotlight. But when the Serbs brought in a double, moved to Prokop’s Team, first at 14:11, 16:12, the break.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

The Start of the second half was again a bit erratic, especially in attack, it took ten minutes to here again, precision and determination were in the game, the latter embodied mainly Kohlbacher, with three gates one after the other. After Gensheimer had forgiven his second seven meters of the day, was allowed to Shelly ran, he turned. At the latest, as Drux with his fourth goal for a Seven-goal lead provided, to the 23:16 (45.), ran the thing.