Analysis of the revelation book – Bolton makes Trump look bad in – themselves as ignorant, uncontrolled, and only to their own advantage: The former security adviser John Bolton dismisses Trump. But the man is on at least one point not better.Opinion Alan Cassidy0 comment John Bolton was from April 2018 to September 2019, the National security Advisor of the United States in the Trump Administration. Photo: Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Keystone

John Bolton wrote a book that triggered in Washington in great excitement. It deals with his time as National security adviser to Donald Trump, it is 592 pages long, and it is not yet clear whether it can ever be published, because Trumps justice Department prosecuted against the publication. But pretty sure a look at the excerpts that were read in several American media to come to the conclusion enough, already: As another former employee settles with the President – a that it was so close to him like never before (to the report).

After all, what is now on the table, two things hold. Firstly, To Trumps foreign policy, it is even worse than I already do, everyone needed to know who has followed this presidency, even with the slightest critical distance. Bolton can Trump in some ways look bad, he underlines his ignorance and his lack of impulse control. Bolton’s most serious allegations concern Trumps policy towards China. The US President is at every opportunity as Beijing’s sharpest adversary – is but, if you believe Bolton, quite different.

Trump asked Xi to help in the re-election

So Trump is supposed to have China’s head of state Xi Jinping on the sidelines of a G20 summit clearly asked to support him in his re-election: China to buy billions of dollars worth of soy and wheat in the case of America’s farmers. For the outcome of the election, the farmers are important. The conversation was so, as Bolton describes, that would be an abuse of power, how is it Trump to the Ukraine of the day, as he made the payment of military aid to investigation against his rival Joe Biden. Anyone more, it should surprise upset about it. The presidency as a vehicle for his personal Use: This is what Trump is “America First”.

The second allegation refers to a statement, the Trump Xi, compared to the same G20 summit should have. As the Chinese told him of his plans to build for the Chinese government’s long-persecuted Uighur camp, to him, the Americans have encouraged: “Trump thought it was exactly the right approach,” writes Bolton.

Now, it is not so that Trump would have hidden his preference for dictators and its contempt for the protection of human rights ever. However, Bolton’s true representation, would be Trumps Signal Xi is actually outrageous. This week, the U.S. President signed because of the persecution of the Uighurs sanctions against China, but given the fact that this law had previously been by the Congress practically unanimously adopted, it was politically almost no other choice.

Bolton makes close to money

All of this makes John Bolton for a long time no hero. If the foreign-policy hard-liners was shocked by the events in Trumps the White house in fact, as he claims now, he could have joined much earlier and under Protest from his post back then, than he enjoyed in trump’s circles of influence. Bolton waived, in contrast to his associates also in the Impeachment investigation, testify in the Congress exactly those questions were negotiated, the Bolton now writes.

The 71-Year-old opted for a different approach: Instead of using his proximity to the President, to set him limits, he made it this close to the money.

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