More and more French people are taking a break from their professional career. Whether it is used for training, refocusing on family life or travelling, it appears as an appreciable aside in a busy daily work life. However, this choice is not without consequences, especially for a future retirement. What system does the sabbatical leave belong to? Is it possible to continue to contribute quarters during a sabbatical leave?

In the perspective of a break during your career, you are not obliged to resign or to claim a contractual termination. Give preference to taking sabbatical leave, unpaid leave or international solidarity leave (CSI), which are offered to employees in the private sector. As part of the sabbatical leave, you can put your employment contract on hold for a period ranging from 6 to 11 months. If you are a civil servant, you can also take advantage of a leave of absence. However, pay attention to the option chosen in order to assess the impact on the contribution of your quarters and your future retirement.

It is not possible to extend a sabbatical leave and your salary is not paid during this period. Your position remains, meanwhile, kept during your leave until your return and your remuneration will be kept when you resume your activity. Be aware, however, that this period does not give you the right to retire, but that you can choose not to take your sabbatical leave at the beginning of the year. In this way, you will have the possibility of accumulating at least one term before your departure. To contribute four quarters, you can also take your sabbatical leave from July 1 until May 31 of the following year.