When will the cabinet reshuffle take place? This is the question everyone has been asking since the first rumors of a change of government. Indeed, on April 26, Emmanuel Macron and Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne presented the calendar of “100 days” of appeasement. But as the July 14 deadline approaches, rumors are circulating about the possibility of a move.

According to information collected by RTL, Emmanuel Macron was already thinking of a reshuffle for June 20, 2023. Indeed, his agenda being more clear at this time, the President did not want to wait for the end of the “100 days”. However, the deadlines were considered too tight. From now on, the latter would think of the beginning of July to make this change. But who will stay? Find out in our slideshow below who might not stay in the next government.

“You have to take the question the other way around and ask us who has given satisfaction, it’s simpler”, indicates a Macronist deputy to 20 minutes when asked who is on the departure among the ministers. Among those who should stay, we find Bruno Le Maire, Minister of the Economy, who has been part of the government for six years. Just behind, Gérald Darmanin should also stay.

The place of Gabriel Attal, Minister Delegate for the Budget, also does not seem to be threatened. Conversely, he could have a more important position. Sébastien Lecornu and Rima Abdul Malak, also seem to be part of the next government. Others might have something to worry about. Indeed, some ministers, deemed not up to par by macronists, could be replaced soon. Discover in our slideshow below the ministers whose place is threatened.