Remco Evenepoel has to be a part of his heart is laid bare in the programme, George’s Late-Night, and looked at the same time, to have a career in the field. “If I have the chance, I keep a lot of my life with The Wolfpack.”

the Evenepoel, is this week’s guest on the program, and was playing for the now well-known ‘Bedgeheimen’-a column in the middle of James Cooke. That was also really amazed by the rise of Evenepoel. “I just find her weird rom on it and speak it. To me, that is a matter of course. It is our job to do. In the most difficult moments of the training sessions. Sometimes, it is really up to the threshold of surrender. It is a very dangerous sport. So, depending on certain things.”

This is overlooking them.

Evenepoel know of what he speaks: he has lost to this year, the ex-ploegmakker This Avenue, after a traffic accident. “It has been very difficult time. I wondered about that at first. At the european CHAMPIONSHIPS and time trials, this year, from the moment that I knew that I had won, I’m broken and I begin to weep like a baby. It was a really good friend who I’ve lost.”

now, His team is supporting him already. “The team will send me always a message: “Congratulations on your achievement. Stef looks at me. I have faith that he is with me, watching.” Also, The Wolfpack did in the European championship time trial final words. “Our nickname is ‘The Wolfpack’. Everyone is going to be for everyone because of the heat. If I have the chance, I keep a lot of my life on that team. Even if they come up with a bigger contract.”

For her to return to Belgium.

the voetbalverleden escaped from the camp, not to Score. “At a certain moment in time, I was on the side and I was just so not in the mood for more. I started to respond, and the wrong things to eat. Alcohol and drug use was out of the question, no it doesn’t. This is because they are afraid of. My mother lost her brother to suicide, he would have a problem with drugs and alcohol. When I came back from PSV eindhoven was also to be my mother.”

The main goal of the next year? “The Olympic Games. What I’m going to end up? I have to go to the podium to say (smiles).”
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