the Baby’s Movements, has had her jabs it with the life-saving drug Zolgensma on Wednesday of last week in the University Hospital of Edegem. “It has been more rapid than anticipated”, said mike Meyer, the mother of Pia, said Friday at a news conference. “If everything goes well, we hope to have this weekend to go home.”

“Everything went off without a hitch,” said mike Meyer at the press conference. “The side effects are not there, but it is still too early to notice a difference. It has to be a number of weeks. We hope for a quick, visible results.”

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The parents are hoping this weekend, with their ten-month-old daughter at home. “If everything goes well, it would be to be able to. It’s a very personal moment had been the climax of a long struggle, and the intense weeks. Movements should now be getting stronger by the day. Her body is not infections. We would like now to focus on our families and on the restoration of the Future.”

the Main difficulty:

a Complete cure, it is not possible to realize them. “However, there is still a lot of hope for improvement. The goal is to ensure that they are able to sit down and have a nice life in a wheelchair. We can hope for now is that its head-to-head difficulty and more strength in her upper body. For us, it was a relief, and we were very, very nervous. We have been here for months for work. This is unlikely to occur, and it would never have been possible without the Belgian population as a whole. This is a story of hope, and we hope to have a normal life for her.”


Pia is now as happy as ever. It is very good value for money,” says her mother. “But I am not.”

Contact Novartis

The parents still have to say that does not account for a scenario in which there are no changes at all. “We continue this story of hope. It is distressing to witness what we had to do it, but it was never intended to make money. We have tried everything. I am, however, glad that we can have a civil debate, have set it into motion.”

after the money had been given, the parents have been in contact with Novartis, the maker of the drug, in the hope that one gesture. “It is a pity that their policy is: to be silent, and we’re gonna make it through. I hope that some of the actors and their responsibilities.” The money is now not on the account. “But it will have to be enough. We don’t know yet how many there will be, we know that at the end of this month only. We will continue with our non-profit organisation, in the hope that not only the Links to the help, but it’s another to take concrete action. We hope, however, is still a gesture, and this is not the end of the story.”

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1.9 million

The 10-month-old Pia suffers from a rare muscular disorder, SMA, and showed the life-saving drug Zolgensma need to have in order to live. The problem for parents is that Zolgensma the cost of 1.9 million euros and is not reimbursed by the Belgian state. They did it with the help of a few friends, and the hundreds of thousands of Belgians in the total amount is less than a two-day weekend, thanks to an sms campaign, in which hundreds of thousands of people in the 2 euro donated.

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