Reconstruction after Corona – For Switzerland it is teuerDie EU wants to fight to the Corona with a lot of money against the crash of the European economy. Switzerland as a non-member will have to pay it with. Stephan Israel from Brüssel0 comment the President of the Confederation Simonetta Sommaruga and EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen at their last bilateral economic forum Meeting on the sidelines of the Davos world. Photo: Alessandro della Valle (Keystone)

The bilateral relationship will be more expensive, even if still open, is in which pot, Switzerland at the end of more should pay. The EU will be discussed on Friday at a summit via video conference in response to the economic crisis, according to Corona. The question of a contribution of the EEA Efta States would at some point, says Andreas Schwab, Chairman of the Switzerland-Delegation to the EU-Parliament. And suggests that Switzerland is active and a offer.

Currently there is still no concrete request to Switzerland, the reconstruction of co-funding, says the German MEP. As soon as the question sprung up, it’ll give the pressure: “I think that Switzerland should have their own interest, to steer certain topics in a certain direction.” And the go, of course, the most effective, if one is financing the project. Currently, Switzerland is for sure not the focus, because the EU is preoccupied with themselves. Once the EU decision is to the reconstruction Fund, will increase the pressure however, and although “uncontrolled”.

It is in the EU’s trillion

Indeed, nobody expects the heads of state and government of the 27 EU member States at the summit via video conference this Friday already. It’s going to be a new seven-year financial framework (MFF) of 1.85 trillion euros and, in addition, a Corona-reconstruction Fund with a firepower of 750 billion euros. German Chancellor Angela Merkel urges EU States to agree before the summer recess at the end of July and, under the German presidency of the Council itself. The question of Switzerland’s contribution could then quickly.

For the issue in Switzerland is quite open ears. In the latest edition of the “Sunday newspaper” SP chief Christian Levrat launched the idea of a deal: Switzerland won’t be around to contribute to the Corona-crisis-in one Form or another to the reconstruction costs in the EU. In return, the Federal Council had to call for better conditions for the framework agreement. Switzerland to the Corona-help co-Finance plan, if the EU is to guarantee the Swiss wage protection measures in the framework agreement. Switzerland should take advantage of the circumstances, in order to overcome the current Blockade.

Christian Levrat has no Feedback on his proposal. The Federal Department for foreign Affairs was expected but, apparently, with a request, he says to this newspaper.

No indulgences

The Echo in Brussels is not, however, rise to a great hope: “We will not engage in the selling of indulgences”, it is called in EU circles. The Position of the framework agreement is unchanged, the new links they were interested. The Commission and the member States insist that the Switzerland positions presented, the announced clearly to the framework agreement and then ratified quickly.

Not for the first Time, Switzerland is taught in Brussels, the impression of the EU with money baits. Before the Corona-crisis, Swiss President Simonetta Sommaruga has Meeting of the bilateral Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen on the sidelines of the world economic forum in Davos, a Swiss contribution to the Green Deal, the EU brought into the conversation. Also with the idea to be able to move Brussels concessions in the framework agreement. Even then, flashed Sommaruga with your offer of a deal from.

However, the proposal itself does not seem Levrats in Switzerland and a majority. The reconstruction Fund was an Instrument of the EU in the framework of their budget, says national councillor Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter (CVP), a member of the foreign policy Commission: “The question of participation is not so.” Switzerland have their own national support measures for companies that make a contribution to the economic recovery of Europe. Similar to the national Council Hans-Peter Portmann (FDP), who would consider such a demand on the part of the EU is dangerous, because the reverse would hold weakened for the bilateral relationship: “On the Swiss side would then quickly the question of why we should always assume more obligations and costs as a member state of the EU, although we have deliberately chosen to go it alone.” However, self-port man, also a member of the APK, is anticipating a request from Brussels: “The fears are justified, because the EU assumes that we are with our contracts, part of the EU internal market and therefore fully of this market can benefit.”

a Lot of pots of money to choose from

Perhaps, the Federal Council will be able to choose at the end only, in which the Brussels pots he wants to pay in. So the EU wants to expand your budget in the policy areas in which Switzerland participates. So, about the research programme, Horizon Europe, or in the case of the European border authority Frontex should be increased in the next few years. More expensive it will be to all cases.

Vulnerable Switzerland is also blocked in its contribution to Cohesion, in a dispute over the exchange of equivalence, from an EU point of view is measured but since 2014 due and, in any case much too low. Norway has seamlessly provided 2.8 billion Euro, i.e. about twice as much, has reserved the Switzerland. The EU expected the Swiss cohesion contribution unconditionally and continued, without interruptions, i.e. in Brussels. The Swiss contribution to the cohesion policy of the EU needs to be substantially increased, in accordance with the example, the Norway had set, told the EU Parliament in a Resolution. And that was before the Corona-crisis.

Serious faces in the work of the Swiss Delegation to the EU-Commission, head of Ursula von der Leyen, who is in Davos to meet. Photo: Alessandro della Valle (Keystone) comment please Login to comment