Princess Eugenie, was in a romantic mood this week, and said on the occasion of its first anniversary, a film about the most important day of her life. Meanwhile, it was queen Maxima, in India, in a pink sari and showed us the king and queen’s train. All the news and gossip from the aristocratic circles in a row.

got married last year, in the fall, with her beloved Jack Brooksbank in the Pc. George’s Chapel, Windsor. It was a wedding with all the trimmings, it is evident from the video that Des was shared on Instagram. “It was the best day of my life, forever and always!!! Happy one-year wedding anniversary, and my Jacket,” she writes in there. It gives you a look behind the scenes of the British royal family, which you hardly ever get to see it.

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This is the greatest day of my life…forever and always! Happy one year anniversary, my Jack!!

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and queen Matilda were wed night for the Grand duchy of Luxembourg, headed out for a three-day state visit. They did it for the first time in the train. For that purpose, and the delegation explained to the NMBS / sncb is an additional connection from the railway station Brussels-luxemburg / Luxembourg. The grand duke Henry, his nephew, king Philip and his people also be picked up at the railway station of Luxembourg-city. They will be returned on Thursday to also go back to the train. Conscious of our lord the king.

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and queen Máxima was in India for a five-day state visit. At the state banquet Monday evening at the presidential palace, the queen, in a pink sari, a traditional garment for women in India. Curiously, it was in part to create a recycled outfit, which in 2007 also contributed to a trip of a lifetime to the land. It is the sari that she is in Jaipur, the pink city is known just as a time modified by the Dutch designer Jan Taminiau. The Dutch queen, gave a further twist to the dress. And whether or not they are again.

most of the Dutch king and queen to the stars, come to an event, but today it is going to be another ‘family member’, with the focus walk away. It’s going to Django , a brown labrador and prince Constantijn and princess Laurentien. The four-legged friend has its own Instagrampagina, and has almost four thousand followers. So, to pose the doggo on the beach, in the streets, in the woods, with a toy in his face.

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you said this week in the British parliament. Normally, she does so with her head is the Imperial State Crown, containing 2.868 diamonds, seventeen sapphires, eleven emeralds and 269 pearls, but she made it once at home. This piece was made for the coronation of her father king George VI in 1937. It was only the second time in history that they have with that tradition broke down, and hetkroonjuweel 1.3 kilo has fallen. Instead, she opted for an ivory dress with a lot of the lighter diamond crown.

The queen, by the way, is on the lookout for a new butler, but that should not require too much in terms of salary. The aim is for the future and butler is a 45 hour a week for a meager salary of 1.733 pounds in a month. That is, it is converted to 1.995 euros.

and his wife, Kate, , were Wednesday to a warm welcome in the region of Chitral, in northern Pakistan, where they are on a five-day state visit had been. Once at the airport, and they had a whole bunch of them in traditional dress in his hands stopped. It was a remarkable hat, that, well, William, when Kate returned. In addition, it was the king’s son, a photo album together with a series of photographs of the visit of his mother, princess Diana, in the same area in 1991.

you can openly talk about being a mother, after her husband is prince Harry earlier this week, becoming emotional during a speech on the question. “Each and every woman is to be vulnerable, especially if they are pregnant. It was a very challenging and fun. If you have a newborn, you know that. Not a lot of people have actually asked if it’s okay with me,” says the duchess, in a clip from ITV about her recent visit to Africa. When a reporter asked whether the Markle through a difficult period, has been up to, she answers with a definite “yes”.

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