Outfielder Jarred Kelenic, a leading prospect of its Seattle Mariners, says he is convinced his service time has been manipulated by the group based on remarks from former staff president and CEO Kevin Mather who have attracted the ire of the MLBPA.

Among countless contentious remarks made in an internet movie that contributed to his resignation, Mather divulged info regarding contract discussions with Kelenic, the No. 6 overall pick from the 2018 amateur draft, into a Bellevue, Washington, Rotary Club on Feb. 5. From the movie, Mather said Kelenic nor pitcher Logan Gilbert will be using the significant league team on Opening Day as a means to maintain club control for more.

We had this kind of negative year with COVID and everything closed down. That is what we’ve been awaiting. The day before spring training, this is precisely what I need to take care of.”

Kelenic and among his representatives, Brodie Scoffield, told USA Today it was”crystal clear” the Mariners’ choice to never call up him to the majors in 2020 was predicated on support time he turned down a bonded contract at 2019.

“It was not only hauled one time . It got older. …

“I was really disappointed. I worked really hard all offseason. And this past year, here you have a group that’s 1 game out of the playoffs going into the last months of this year. I know for a fact I might have helped out that team. Not only me, but there are several other men who might have helped out that team. Not to be granted that chance was beyond frustrating. I believe that men ought to be rewarded because of their drama, and also have the top men on the area, particularly once you speak about a team which has not gone into the playoffs within 20 decades, and your very best prospects are only sitting there watching”

Mariners general manager Jerry Dipoto, hoping to perform damage control in the aftermath of Mather’s remarks, personally agreeing to Kelenic after which dealt with all gamers having a apology Monday.

“It was actually like somebody farted in church. That’s the specific expression on everyone’s face.”

Regardless of the apology, Dipoto denied the Mariners were manipulating Kelenic’s agency time.

“I am unsure how you construe a service-time manipulation using a 21-year-old participant that has played [21] games over A-ball and hasn’t yet attained 800 plate appearances as an expert player,” Dipoto told colleagues to a Zoom call. “That could be an unprecedented rush into the big leagues which has not occurred in three years.

“While Jarred is a very gifted participant, we really do want to be certain he has checked off the boxes in evolution as it is incumbent on usnot only for the benefit of the Mariners, but also for the advantage of Jarred Kelenic, to ensure he’s been completely developed.”

Scoffield, however, says there is more than sufficient evidence today to prove wrong.

“Today we’ve got a club on movie demonstrating it.”

Seattle is not the primary team to maintain the situation of determining when it is ideal to begin the service-time clock of a high minor leaguers.

Arbitrator Mark Irvings reasoned last year there wasn’t any evidence of”a mysterious motive” from the Cubs but didn’t”reach the wider issue of if or not a club could base a roster decision only on the desire to postpone free agency”

Mariners director Scott Servais said Wednesday during his everyday media accessibility that among those challenges for Kelenic would be staying focused on his advancement and advancement with everything swirling around him.

“We frequently talk about gamers being ready to visit the big leagues, mentally prepared to visit the big leagues,” Servais said. “Those are things as a young player, and a very talented person, he has something to focus on each single day when he comes .”